What comes to mind when you think of a museum? Many of you probably imagine a place where you quietly view exhibits. But the Kankaku(Senses) Museum, which opened year 2000 in Iwadeyama, does not fit this image at all. This facility, which has been labeled a sensory wellness facility, offers many exhibits and devices for stimulating the human senses. It is a rather unique, hands-on museum. The exhibits can be separated into two categories. There are areas called "Dialogue zones" where your senses are actively stimulated, and areas called "Monologue zones" where you can quietly enter into your own world. Two dialogue zones are the Forest of Darkness, where you enter a dark room and, as you walk along, search for objects with your hands, and the Space and Sound, where you can actually feel the movement of sound. An example of a monologue zone is The Fragrance Forest. As you walk among fantastical paper-art forms, you are surrounded by the natural fragrances of Iwadeyama. Being able to touch and to enter into exhibits makes for an unusual experience. the museum is popular among both adults and children. Some people spend a long time in just one room and many people return to the museum again and again. When you have time, please go and experience the museum for yourself.

◆Dialogue Zone/Is an area focused on physical sensation, where visitors are invited to experience virtual dialogues with the creators through the exhibits.

◆Monologue Zone/ Is an area focused on mental sensation, where the exhibits and produced space stimulate the imagination of visitors, help them gradually forget usual sensation, and invite them into the world of meditation.

Circle 'n' Circle #Dialogue Zone
Yuji Fukui
Circle 'n' Circle
Creative musical instruments #Dialogue Zone
Hiromi Tada
Creative musical instruments
dqpb version 6 (Space & Sound) #Dialogue Zone
doubleNegatives Architecture
dqpb version 6 (Space & Sound)
Forest of Darkness #Traverse Zone
Forest of Darkness
Air Traverse #Traverse Zone
Air Traverse
fuwa pica #Traverse Zone
Masaki Yagisawa、Shinya Matsuyama
fuwa pica
Light 3D Sculpture #Traverse Zone
Light 3D Sculpture
Wall Through #Traverse Zone
Kaori Hayama
Wall Through
Earth Garden (Shadow Rays 2013) #Monologue Zone
Rie Okumura、Asako Miyaki
Earth Garden (Shadow Rays 2013)
Water Garden #Monologue Zone
Water Garden
Fragrant Forest #Monologue Zone
Tomoko Ishida、Toshifumi Yoshitake
Fragrant Forest
Heart Dome #Monologue Zone
Heart Dome
Cascade Traverse #Traverse Zone
Cascade Traverse
One Thousand Small Boxes #Dialogue Zone
 One Thousand Small Boxes
Scenery of Osaki #Dialogue Zone
 Scenery of Osaki
Attaka Square・Objects of Ears #Outdoors
Objects of Ears
Toshifumi Yoshitake Fragrance direction for the Kankaku Museum
Toshifumi Yoshitake
Munetaka Tanaka Sound producer for the Kankaku Museum
Munetaka Tanaka
Kijo Rokkaku Design and concept design of the Kankaku Museum
Kijo Rokkaku